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CBT is a structured, time limited and goal orientated talking therapy, allowing individuals to see that emotions and behaviours are greatly influenced by our thoughts.

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1st for CBT is a therapy service that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to tackle symptoms from a range of Mental Health conditions. 

CBT is an evidenced and skill-based therapy which looks at understanding the links between our thoughts (cognitions), feelings (emotions) and actions (behaviours). By using this psychological treatment individuals work collaboratively with their therapist to examine their thought processes and their responses to a given situation. 

Negative thoughts are often triggered by a negative situation often causing errors in one’s thinking. These negative thoughts and behaviours often sabotage our self-confidence and make us feel depressed or anxious, lowering our self-esteem.


Often our responses to events are automatic and based upon our past experience rather than assessing the current situation. 

For example, a person suffering from depression is more likely to take a rejection from a job application personally, particularly focusing on their imperfections (often exaggerated in their minds). Such interpretations are likely to further lower their mood and lead to them being less likely to make further applications, therefore having beliefs such as; “I will never find a job”.


But what does a CBT therapist do and what can you expect from a session?