I have now known Lindsay for 6 months and I first met her at a local Swindon charity called DASH.
In the past I have sought help from other therapists/counsellors, but did not stick with them for long as I knew I was not dealing with depression or stress and was looking for concrete guidance rather than "being listened to" generally.

As I have received practical guidance and "tools for my toolbox" it actually means that Lindsay has guided me towards looking for solutions myself rather than saying "This is what you must do; this is what you must avoid". I have to admit that I do not deal well with hierachy and imposed rules.

Lindsay has openly and generously shared her knowledge with me and leant me her books to do my own background reading which in turn has directed me to other books and other resources. I have appreciated her respecting my request to avoid over-emotional, limbic authors and she has made me a supported, independent researcher into my own questions.

With Lindsay I have never felt judged or misunderstood, it has felt like a partnership working together and I genuinely feel that I have made an awful lot of progress and gained huge amounts of useful, practical knowledge which has improved my quality of life. I have, for the first time, met a counsellor who has helped me understand my own thinking rather than give me methods in order to try and fit in with everybody else. 

Whereas in the past others have told me it is okay to be me, Lindsay has taught me that it is okay to be me and there is a world of difference between the two!


'We have found Lindsay's work with our daughter to be exceptional.  Lindsay is able to adapt CBT in order for children and young people on the autistic spectrum to be able to engage in it and this has worked in providing very positive outcomes.  Her person-centred approach and ability to relate CBT to the young person's special interests was pivotal in building a strong and engaging therapeutic relationship. We are extremely grateful for the support and strategies she has provided. As a result of Lindsay's CBT work we have found our daughter's anxieties to be greatly reduced'.